Footer Mega Grid Columns – WordPress Plugin

For any WordPress Theme, the footer plays an important role in rendering the best user experience as it adds user-friendliness to the website. Footer Mega Grid Columns (FMGC) plugin is used for WordPress theme customization so that you can show selected items to the visitor on your website. Now, depending on the footer items, your page will engage the user and might turn the visitor into your prime customer or subscriber.

Free WordPress Plugin

WPOnlineSupport believes in providing quality, useful, and feature-rich plugins to the WordPress users. Adding yet another wonderful WP plugin, Footer Mega Grid Columns, our bag of free plugins just got dearer to those hundreds of thousands of webmasters.

The Footer Mega Grid Columns WP Plugin can add and display various widgets in a grid view with multiple columns. In another way, this is the best way to footer custom grid management to add beauty to your WP blog or website.

Features of WP Plugin

The FMGC comes with marvelous features that make this plugin way ahead to other similar kinds of footer plugins. The pro version of the footer comes with a minimum cost to pay. It enables you to set your own custom grid while adding the widget in the FMGC area at the bottom of the website.

  • Different styles available
  • Different number of columns available
  • Set the custom background colors such as red or green
  • Set your custom background title and text
  • You can also change the link colors so that to highlight them and make them clicked by the visitor
  • Easy to use the plugin as it sits right there on the left penal of the WP interface when you log in

There are extra benefits when you opt for the pro version of FMGC WordPress Footer Plugin

  • One year of WordPress Expert Support 24/7
  • Pay just once, and get updates for the lifetime
  • Even if the subscription is over after a year, use it without any renewal
  • If you want to renew the subscription, get it at 50% flat discount
  • Super product support and easy documentation
  • We help you install the plugin on your website for free
  • Get other benefits on the WP OnlineSupport

If you want WordPress theme customization especially for the footer, Footer Mega Grid Columns Plugin will prove to be the best one to highlight selected items or widgets in your footer.

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