Block Editor Settings Per User for WordPress 5.7

WordPress 5.6 is slowly coming closer as the beta testing is closing out with the final release of it being on December 8. That explains that we still got time to think about the changes and the updates.

This is arguably a good time of the WordPress development cycle where we get to see what other users want to be added to the core platform.

We will be seeing four major WordPress releases rather than the regular three in 2021. WordPress will be scheduling its release of its 5.7 version by March 9, 2021. And the future updates will be released within three months of interval. The dates aren’t confirmed yet but they might be scaled back just to a small degree.

The features that will be included in WordPress 5.7 will be the one that are currently being tested by them and are under development. Features like block based widgets and navigation menus were included in 5.6 release and they should be landing early and be ready for three months of testing. Also the development team will heavily focus on pushing a beta version of site editor into the core WordPress.

Apart from that, there are certain things that we want WordPress to look upon and consider for their next update.

Block Options

Without that much of expecting and high expectations, it would be for the better if rather than making assumptions made out of sheer wishful thinking we should be expecting something practical. When it comes to block editors. The block inspector tabs with some default block options should remain the same.

Problems with Image Blocks

It has always been a hassle to add images to websites with entangled flow of procedures like changing the image size setting to full size from its default large option. We have to change the image size every time before uploading images.

It would always be better if we could simply use the original size of the images. This can be a problem for bloggers and writers who constantly update their websites and blogs with blogs that contain a lot of images because every time you want to upload an image, you have to go through this tiring procedure to make the image eligible for uploading.

Let’s hope this matter is looked into and with upcoming updates or newer versions of WordPress, this could be a lot smoother and easier.

Instead there should be settings for each user. Every user has a different workflow in which they like to be comfortable with, so making it more of an option actually is a win win situation for everyone since it can be enabled for every one who is comfortable with it and can be disabled by users who don’t want it.

Image Size Problems

However, there is a two-year-old ticket for remembering the last image size used. I was happy to find like-minded peers who share my frustration in this case. There is also a more recent ticket about storing the default image size on a per-user basis. The feedback in the tickets shows a clear and present need for WordPress to fix this problem.

WordPress needs to fix this issue since a lot of users have related to this problem and are struggling with it. There is a recent ticket regarding the storage of default size of the images on a per user basis along with having two year tickets for remembering the usage of last image size.

Every time someone tries to insert an image, they have to go through this hassle of changing the image size. The task of changing image size can be of just a few seconds but doing it every time you upload an image really sums up to a huge amount of wasted time. It disrupts the workflow on top of that which is a trivial issue but a relatable one.

Final Thoughts

With WordPress releasing the upcoming update 5.6, we won’t be able to see this problem being resolved but we hope the next version should atleast address this issue and do something about it.

Let us know what other issues do you want to be resolved with future updates?