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Friends, our today’s topic revolves around the importance of having a Woo Commerce Product Slider and Carousel with category, and, yes you guessed it right; it is one of our amazing plugins that has received a good response.

So, before we hit the features of the plugin; let me ask you, why do you use Woo Commerce for your product or eCommerce website?

Definitely, it looks professional and is quite secure for your WordPress website. Am I right? So, likewise, we have designed a creative yet unique Woo Commerce Product Slider and Carousel with category plugin for your eCommerce website.

Plugin Features

  • Firstly, our Woo Product slider offers 15+ stunning and cool designs for displaying your brand products in both slider and grid view.
  • You can set the bestselling product slider, latest product or recent product slider, featured product sliders and more using the plugin.

How easily can you display the latest products and help your customers know about the new arrivals? How about setting a sale product slider using customization and help know about the products that are kept for sale?

Isn’t it an awesome way to make your products displayed on your WordPress Website? You can even sort the categories to help customers browse the products in their preferred way.

With all these awesome features and feasibility, who would deny downloading?

Any extension that helps your website in getting better engagement or results is a good thing to try for. You can download our plugin for both free as well as the PRO version as per your requirement.

The USP of the plugin is, it is 100% mobile and tablet responsive plugin, which makes browsing from any device, easy and organized. Also, you get the awesome touch slide enabled with Woo Product WP plugin.

The other additional features of this plugin are, it is translation ready, work in progress WordPress theme, navigation show hide buttons, pagination show hide buttons, feasibility to set numbers of columns, slider autoplay on and off, custom designs available, fast and powerful plugin that doesn’t reduce your website speed, etc.

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That’s all friends, for today, we hope you keep sharing your suggestions in the comment box. We will be back soon with a new plugin video for you! Toodles!

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