Node.js or PHP, what defines WordPress speed in a better way?

Today, we have come up with an exclusive duo topic that justifies the comparison between PHP and node.js for your WordPress platform.

Before starting the comparison or justifying the correct platform for WordPress, we would like to answer 2 basic questions.

What is PHP?

PHP we all know is a programming and scripting language that helps to create dynamic websites, including WordPress sites.

What is node.js?

Node.js is also an open-source platform, but it is a cross-platform JavaScript that provides a run time environment for successfully executing a JavaScript code.

So one hot topic these days among the WordPress platform users is, “Is node.js a replacement for PHP on WordPress or it is just a substitute?”

So friends, basically PHP is not being replaced by node.js; it is just that for better speed optimization we are choosing PHP over node.js.

On the other hand, PHP is one of the most user-friendly platforms for WordPress development, but as we are gradually spending time for the product as well as plugin development for reducing speed; we suggest to pick WP Plugins. WP plugins helps in reducing the loading time of the website and directly boosts the speed.

When WordPress slows down, the website owner has to replace the platform for higher speed and engagement. Here’s why your WordPress website will slow down:

  • Plugin causing too many SQL queries
  • Plugin causing slow SQL queries
  • Plugin causing large result-sets from SQL queries then using tons of PHP CPU time

So, basically the main issue of WordPress getting slow is neither PHP nor node.js, it is all about the plugins that are being installed on your WordPress website, which needs to be checked by the developer.

According to us, the best way to speed up WordPress is to educate plugin developers and get them to test their code against large traffic volumes and large database sizes, and educate them how to code SQL queries to use indexes, avoid table scans, request reasonable size result-sets and avoid thousands of SQL queries per page.

We at WPOnline Support have experienced WordPress and WordPress plugin developers that take care of your website’s speed issues professionally. They will help you know the flaws that hinder the speed of your WordPress website. In fact, they will guide you and help you to get a high-performance website with quick loading speed.

Friends, that’s all for today! Hope you like the blog, and I really wish to look forward to your queries that will help us solve your Website speed queries. You can visit for placing your WordPress queries.

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