Facebook & Instagram To Drop Support For WordPress Embeds

Facebook and Instagram are no longer supporting WordPress embeds and it’s gonna affect everyone who have Facebook and Instagram blocks integrated on their websites.

Your website where you constantly post your social feeds and Facebook and Instagram content on it is gonna come to an end if you don’t start acting on it. Facebook is updating its Graph API, making the site owners to get and create their developer account and app ID to continue using Facebook and Instagram Embeds

As a response to Facebook removing its support, WordPress will be retaliating and is also going to remove Facebook as an oEmbed provider in its upcoming core release.

In Developer’s Terms

From October 24, 2020 the current endpoints of Embedded for embeddable content of Facebook and Instagram will be ceased.

These Facebook oEmbed endpoints allow users to embed HTML and metadata for webpages, posts and videos and allows them to display them in another website or application.

Currently there is an Embed endpoint directly built into Facebook’s API which is allowing the publishers to embed content from Facebook and Instagram easily on their web pages but unfortunately Facebook’s API will be ending the support for that endpoint.

WordPress removing Facebook and Instagram as an Embed source was a retaliation to Facebook’s decision to change API.

How is it going to affect me

Does your website have Facebook and Instagram integrated? If Yes then it is going to affect you drastically since Facebook and Instagram will cease to support WordPress embeds.

If any of your website has Facebook and Instagram embedded posts on your web pages, It will stop working after October 24 once Facebook updates its API.

This will lead to an increase in broken links on your website since all embedded Facebook posts will be broken and you won’t be able to add more.

Facebook has already removed Facebook and Instagram blocks on Gutenberg post its latest release.

But there are certain alternate options that you can follow to continue having them embedded on your website.

Facebook’s new Requirements

Facebook has made certain requirements and following them would help you get back on your track. Following these steps will lead you to get Facebook and Instagram in your block editor again.

Step 1: You need to have a Facebook Developer account, which you can create at developers.facebook.com.

Step 2: You should have a registered Facebook app

Step 3: The oEmbed Product should be added to the app an Access Token

Step 4: The Facebook app has to be on Live Mode

Embed Plus WordPress Plugin

The Embed Plus WordPress Plugin should be used to integrate Facebook and Instagram Embed APIs, bringing back Facebook and Instagram in the block editor. But you have to register as a Facebook developer and create an app to get your API for the plugin to work. Without creating a Facebook developer account, you can’t progress further. With this plugin, the Facebook and the Instagram blocks will again be supported.

Cool sliders for your embedded social media posts

We have a plugin which will help you showcase your Social Media in a slider style which can enhance the appearance of your website.

Our Slider and Carousel Plus Widget for social Media lets you display your Facebook and Instagram feeds and other social media posts in a very attractive slider and carousel form so that it can help you showcase your business/portfolio in a better way.

With this plugin, your feed will look better than ever within your website increasing your website’s value and credibility.

Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/slider-and-carousel-plus-widget-for-instagram/

Final Thoughts

Now that Facebook and Instagram have removed support from WordPress, we have provided you with ways to get them up and running in your website. With WordPress also deciding to remove support for Facebook blocks as a statement, this isn’t going in the right direction for the users who run businesses which heavily involve Facebook and Instagram posts. We can sit back and watch what would be the next move of Facebook and what it would mean for users and businesses since we are the ones who are going to be affected by it. What do you think is going to happen next? Let us know in the comment section.