Free Vs. Paid WordPress Plugins: Top 3 Differences

WordPress is the hub of themes and plugins

Currently, there are 58k+ WordPress plugins available for download on the official WP store. 

This CMS platform is best known for its easy-to-do customization over the website layouts and themes. 

Do you have a WordPress website? 

Are you wondering why there are both free and premium WordPress plugins? 

Well, let’s have an explicit chat on WordPress Free Vs. Premium WordPress plugins. 

WordPress holds a total of 14% of the total web power on the internet. It is pretty easy to assume the popularity of the WordPress platform. And, nothing is popular without delivering a lot of benefits or advantages. 

WordPress deserves to be an incredible web development platform because it offers maximum to the users and is a highly versatile platform available on the World Wide Web. 

What are WordPress Plugins?

Plugins help in the extension of the features of an existing website. Having a plugin on your website literally means making the most of your website. In simple words, plugins extend the functionality or versatility of the website. 

Plugins are highly beneficial for business and eCommerce websites. It helps the website owner with more empowerment and possibilities. There are many third-party WordPress sites where users can download both paid vs. free WordPress plugins. 

Let’s talk in detail about WordPress free vs. paid plugins. 

What are Free Plugins?

WordPress itself is an open-source platform. Hence expecting the free plugins is much prominent. Free plugins are open to download plugins that don’t require any payments to be made before or after purchase. The plugins are totally free of cost to download and install. But yes, the free plugins are bound to a limited number of features, unlike the premium ones. 

WordPress’s version of free plugins includes many plugins for improving the site’s performance and appearance. It provides SEO plugins, theme and layout plugins, blogger plugins, site widgets, news plugins, slider plugins, photo and video gallery plugins, cache plugins, full-bundle plugins, maintenance plugins, and a lot more. 

But as these plugins are free to download and use, they are available for use to a specific limitation. In simple words, when we talk about WordPress free vs. premium plugins, the free plugins are the most downloaded plugins with a particular set of features to utilize. 

What are Premium or Paid WordPress Plugins?

Paid plugins are also called Premium plugins. WordPress Premium Plugins are the extension to the free plugins. It offers a lot more features and possibilities. 

The plugin development community has got each type of plugin designed for the website owners. The premium plugins are offered with a complete set of features to help the website owner utilize the maximum advantage of installing it on their site. 

To understand the fundamental difference between free vs. paid WordPress Plugins, I shall express my option in three points. 

So, shall we begin?

3 Differences between WordPress Free Vs. Premium Plugins

We are generally confused between the paid vs. free WordPress plugin. While downloading any plan, theme, or plugin, we check the difference of features and possibilities between the paid and free set of tools. Don’t we?

So, the primary purpose of checking the difference between the WordPress premium vs. free tools is that we must know the benefits we get after paying a minimum or maximum amount for the tool that is also available for free.

1. Customization 

A WordPress-free theme is generally limited to a set of features. WordPress site owners who wish to do the maximum customization in their existing site theme must download the premium plugins. 

WordPress premium plugins open the door to customization for your website. It offers many possibilities for your existing WordPress site as it extends to more customization features that were not available before. 

Using the WordPress paid plugin, you help your site’s footer, header, menu, and other elements to display attractively. So, in the debate of WordPress free vs. paid plugins, we must go for premium plugins as it offers 100% customization to your existing site. 

2. Maintenance and Support

One of the other reasons for choosing premium plugins over the free ones is the incredible support and maintenance that the site owners earn. The premium plugins offer 24*7 support and maintenance to the site owners. It proves as a lifesaver at the time of emergency or technical issues. 

When we talk about downloading the free plugins, the site owners generally don’t get enough support as they cannot provide external help.

3. Benefits

Lastly, the site owners’ benefits while downloading and installing the paid plugins are obviously higher than the free ones.  In the race of WordPress free vs. premium plugin, the premium plugin offers more versatility and advantages than the free plugins. 

Users can do a lot more functions using the paid or premium plugin on their website. A free plugin is always limited to the number of features or uniqueness. Hence, most website owners prefer downloading a plugin that has no limits. 


Whenever confused between the paid vs. free WordPress plugin, always choose the one that offers your requirement or need. The user’s requirement is often fulfilled in free plugin versions, whereas in some cases, the website owner needs to download the premium version to get access to most of the features. 

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