How to Boost Your Website Sales with the Best Marketing Plugins and Tools?

Marketing is essential for any business. 

Poor marketing can lead to poor sales. 

So the question is, how will you enhance your website sales or traffic? 

For sure, offline stores also go for offline and online marketing to gain traffic. But what’s in for your business when it’s an online store?

Online businesses do require some incredible marketing tools for growing their business or traffic. Inbound marketing tools are one of them. 

What are Marketing Plugins?

You can use marketing tools for small businesses or the best WordPress plugins for marketing, but the elements for both remain almost the same. These marketing plugins are designed to enhance the overall sales of your business. It helps boost your website or blog traffic by helping the website owner get more leads for closure. 

InboundWP is one such best marketing plugin designed to boost your onsite traffic instantly with its various tools. Let’s have a detailed discussion about it. 

InboundWP – Marketing Plugin

We all are pretty aware of the inbound and outbound marketing ideas. The word inbound here means attracting customers through inbound marketing. Here it means that you need to pull your customers through various marketing strategies.

WP OnlineSupport has designed and developed some best marketing plugins, and one of them is the InboundWP. Installing this plugin will help your website to attract more numbers of visitors. 

SEO is also a type of inbound marketing generally utilized by the website owner to gain more traffic or users on the site. InboundWP has seven inbound marketing tools to help you gain instant web traffic. Here we go! 

1. Spin Wheel 

For winning attention, it is vital to attract someone. So, we can say that the law of attraction defines the connection to attention. For helping your visitors to get attention in an engaging way, the spin wheel inbound marketing tools are designed. 

The InboundWP spin wheel is an exciting way to attract your visitors. Here the website visitors are asked to spin a wheel for gaining exciting prizes or offers in exchange for their valid email address. 

Core Features:

  • Custom design options with 100% responsiveness
  • Set multiple spin wheels 
  • Redirect users to custom URL via custom coupon code
  • Integrated with Google analytics
  • Export email data easily via the admin panel 

How easy it is to collect your website user’s email address for pitching them via your sales team using a spin wheel!! Isn’t it a fantastic idea for your website to get more leads?

2. Marketing Popup

How would you show some new offers or ideas to your customers on your website? I am sure you can add many new pages to your existing webpage, but would the customer know about it?

The best way to get started with your new offers, products, services, or ideas is to get them displayed on your website via a popup image or text. 

The InboundWP marketing popup tool is an extraordinary way to gain customer’s attention on anything new. Wondering how it works? Here is an image for your reference. The popup is indeed a part of your website, and users can click on the cross sign to close it. 

Core Features:

  • 100% responsive popup marketing tool
  • 5 types of popup goals to choose from
  • Explore four different types of popup tool types
  • Exporting user emails is easy via the admin panel

3. Testimonial and Review

Again the law of attraction defines engaging the user. The WP Testimonial with Widget is one of the best ways to engage your website visitors. 

You can use the testimonial review inbound marketing tools for gathering attention from your website in two different ways. Either display live customer reviews by integrating a feedback form or integrate Google reviews. 

It is one of the best inbound marketing tools for gathering maximum customer attention. Nevertheless, it offers 20 predefined designs to choose from.  

4. Social Proof 

Customer’s ongoing behavior on your website can be displayed live with the help of social proof inbound marketing tools. It works best for eCommerce websites. 

We have often witnessed an eCommerce website displaying us about who purchased the product last or how many items are left or available. It also includes live product reviews and ratings. 

Core Features:

  • Shows notifications with 100% responsiveness 
  • Set custom designs
  • Integrates easily with WooCommerce 
  • It helps create a custom notification popup

5. Whatsapp Chat Support

These days Whatsapp has turned out as an essential platform for marketing your products or services. We have been observing that we receive a lot of reviews and suggestions via the Whatsapp platform. 

How about integrating your Whatsapp chat into your website?

Here is how Whatsapp chat support proves as one of the best marketing tools for small businesses. Review this image carefully to acknowledge its features.

6. Deal Countdown Timer

Website owners have experienced that increasing revenues has become easy and quick by integrating a deal countdown timer inbound marketing tool. So, what is it? And how does it work?

Let’s first look at the image that displays an example of the flip, square and straightforward designs of the deal countdown timer tool. 

It is a fully responsive marketing tool for small businesses with multiple design options. For any product or service that needs attention, you can set a timer plugin for the same. It helps in gaining more attention from the users resulting in quick purchases. 

The timer plugins are said to be hitting off the user’s attention psychologically. In other words, we also call it a panic buying moment.  

7. Better Heading 

Displaying blogs is easy on your website with the blog page. But does it work for getting more readers? Despite your blog being attractive, many times, the views are upsetting. 

So, how would you deal with it? 

Well, you can download the best inbound marketing tools or plugins that have got the better heading feature for showcasing your blogs. 

You can set a single blog display with multiple headings to attract more readers to your post. It comes with an analyzer tool that helps you check daily, weekly or monthly reports of each blog title set by you. 


If you are running an online eCommerce or business website and are looking forward to boosting your website sales; then downloading the best marketing plugins do wonders for your sales. 

InboundWP Marketing Plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for marketing your business services or products. It has got the seven essential inbound marketing tools as discussed above for uplifting your website sales. 

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