The must have WordPress Plugins for your business website

To know which plugins are the best for your website, you should first know what WordPress plugins are. The web developers from yesteryears needed to bang their heads against the wall to customize websites and meet the business objectives. Lengthy coding just became a fantasy with WordPress plugins and theme development. For instance, years back, to add a button (say a social sharing button), the programmer had to write lines of codes. With WP, it is just a matter of a click! Plugins are small readymade programs that make things for WP easier than ever before!

Do you really need plugins?

You may not have an idea on this unless you build a website and start thinking from users’ view. To enhance the user experience, you need to customize your website. When you have all ideas of the functions that your website would require, you will start understanding the importance of WP plugins.

How Plugins help my website?

Actually, plugins can do anything! They can help you in all the ways you want; there is nothing that plugin cannot do! WP, being an open-source platform, allows everyone to develop a plugin and put it into the market. Some professional WordPress plugin development companies like WPOnlineSupport make extremely feature-rich plugins that can take your website to another level.

Right from adding buttons to the countdown timer, and search engine optimization tools to slider and image library, WordPress plugins are always to your rescue. They help your website in almost all the ways you can think. You can think of any feature, and you may probably have WP plugin already developed for it, or you can go for customized WordPress plugins specific to your need.

What are the best WordPress plugins for my website?

There are dozens of plugins very useful for a website. Nevertheless, it depends on your need or requirement. But, in any case, we can surely suggest a few top-class WordPress plugins that will certainly enhance your website’s performance.

SEO Yoast: with millions of downloads, SEO Yoast gets you the best grip on search engine optimization through which your website can draw quality real human traffic. This plugin allows you to customize meta title, meta description and also enables you to add meta keywords. These all entities are important for the search engine bots to read your web page and rank it on SERPs.

Google XML Sitemaps: your website is nothing when you don’t rank on top of the Google pages. This plugin helps you create XML sitemap so that you can submit it to Google and get all your pages crawled regularly.

SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam: websites are vulnerable to get hacked. This plugin saves your website from being in wrong hands as it adds a simple yet effective security layer.

WP-Responsive Recent Post Slider: the visitors love reading the latest stuff. In most of the WordPress themes, the latest posts are not visible or at least not easily visible. With this useful customized WordPress plugin, you can have recent posts on a slide so that it looks attractive and visitors are likely to click on it.

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