Should You Update WordPress by Yourself?

The commonest event that each one having WordPress website faces is when the platform says ‘New Version of WordPress Available’ and then gives you an option of ‘Upgrade’. While upgrade in software is something that everybody is waiting for, many new to technology are skeptical to go for it thinking that their entire data will get erased as the instructions roughly say. But then, WordPress Development through upgrading is very important.

WordPress upgrade could be as simple as clicking on the ‘Upgrade’ button, but things can go haywire in some cases. Most of the WP users think that their websites should run only on the latest version of the software. Here, some risks are involved and you should know.

Latest WordPress Upgrade

WP is an open source platform and thus, it keeps on upgrading itself pretty frequently as compared to other. The cybersecurity is of utmost importance today and hackers are always knocking the doors of websites. If there is any flaw in an upgrade, your website is vulnerable to go in others hands. However, with each latest version, WP tries to be more secure.

Things can go wrong while updating your WP. For instance, the latest version may not be compatible with your WP theme, plugins, or widgets. Even further, in some of the worst cases, upgrading to the latest version of the software can actually ruin your website and you may lose all of your alignments such as menus, sidebars, and most commonly images.

What is the solution?

The best solution is to catch professional WordPress development companies. The reason is simple: they can upgrade your WP and if things go wrong, they can fix them in a jiffy! Especially if you run a portal or a complex website with lots of plugins and widgets, it is pretty important to go for professionals. Also, in the case where you have customized WordPress sites and have changed the root directories and stylesheets, it is better than seasoned WP developers are at the helm while updating it.

WPOnlineSupport provides you pro support for WordPress which includes everything from WP. Upgrading WP affects each and every file including the installation file and others having plugins, images, and widgets. If you have made customizations to any files and folders, you are likely to get them all changed or in some cases even lose them. WPOnlineSupport has experienced players in WordPress Plugins and WordPress Themes development and thus know how to tackle things if WP upgrade goes wrong.