Top 5 Popular FREE WordPress Plugins

Plugins and themes are the two sides of the coin, the coin which has its value because of the imprinted sides. Plugins are usually made to improve your WordPress website and add functionality and value to it. With our top plugins on, your website can become more powerful with added features to attract customers and transform your website.  There are many popular plugins on WordPress repository.

Why should you download popular plugins?

You must have known by now how important plugins are for a website. But it is also important to choose the right type and kind of plugins for your websites. The plugins which have gotten huge traction and are popular on website, have an advantage over others. This leads to having a website with a lot of plugins which can be really helpful for the improvement of your website and for your business. The plugins which we have listed below are the ones which have been extensively downloaded by the wordpress users. 

Our plugins are being currently used by 300,000 websites as we speak. With our best utility plugins for all round development of your website and online business, you can make the most out of our top rated and popular plugins from the WordPress directory. 

Listed Below Are Our Top 5 WordPress Plugins

1. Wp Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

2. Popup Anything On Click

3. WP Responsive Recent Post Slider

4. WP News and Scrolling Widget

5. WP Slick Slider

Let’s get into each plugin and see what its purpose is and what is it famous for.

1. Wp Logo Showcase Responsive Slider: Best Logo Slider Plugin

Being our most downloaded and most used plugin of all time, WP Logo Showcase is the best logo slider plugin on with more than 60,000 websites currently using our logo slider plugin and with nearly 600,000 overall downloads on WordPress. 

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider is one of the leading & popular logo slider plugins available for WordPress.

Download WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider plugin here.

Features included in WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider Plugin

  • Logo Slider for Client logos
  • Logo Gallery to showcase Business partners logos
  • Logo Carousel for Brands & Affiliate logos
  • Logo ticker for Sponsors logos

Our plugin lets your website display multiple logo carousels of your clients, sponsors, business partners, affiliates, supporters, brands logos in an aesthetically appealing and professional way.

Along with its minimal style and design, it is extremely easy to set up a beautiful logo gallery of your sponsors and clients lists with different styles like grid, slider and isotope filtering by category and is compatible with all devices.

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider is highly customisable, responsive, user-friendly and flexible.

This plugin works with simple dynamic shortcodes to display logo slideshow anywhere on your pages anyway you want.

2. Popup Anything On Click – Best Inbound Marketing Plugin

Our best marketing plugin has 40,000 active installs thousands of websites actively using our popup plugin for their inbound marketing strategies to boost sales and drive traffic. 

With Popup Anything On Click, build powerful popups for your WordPress blog or website with your own configurations. With popup anything on click, you can increase your inbound conversions and effectively increase your sales. 

Download Popup Anything On Click here

Popup anything on Click lets you display

  • Link and Image popup
  • Call to action button
  • Exit intent popup
  • Text/Description
  • Advertisements
  • Modal and Opt-in Popup
  • Inbound and Marketing popup
  • Button Call to Action button

Popup anything on click allows you to add highly customizable popup windows to your WordPress website by creating a popup of required intent like filling subscription forms, creating awareness, newsletters, opt-in, special offers etc. 

This plugin enables awesome responsive popups on your WordPress website using simple short codes. With this Popup anything on click plugin you can insert any type of content into your Popup (HTML, Image, Shortcodes etc). Insert your popup shortcode into any page or a post easily. 

3. WP Responsive Recent Post Slider – Best Recent Blog Post Plugin

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider is our best slider plugin for your website. With more than 30,000 websites currently using this plugin and more than 430,000 overall downloads for this recent post slider plugin, download it now to enhance the overall beauty of your website. 

With this plugin, add and display attractive and highly customisable recent post carousels with excerpts and appealing designs with our plugin. 

Download WP Responsive Recent Post Slider here

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel plugin displays your recent WordPress posts using

  • Post Slider & Post Carousel
  • Latest Post Showcase
  • Recent Blog Posts Carousel
  • Latest Blogs Sliders
  • Post Showcase With Design Options

With this plugin, you can makeover your website with 4 extraordinary slider designs and a post carousel design for showcasing your latest posts and blogs in an attractive and professional way.  

Get your website/ blog a slide-wise display to show your latest blogs/posts which works perfectly with any WordPress theme and is device optimized.

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel lets you create unlimited number of posts sliders in a single page or post with various options like category, limit and navigation type which is completely touch and swipe supported.

With provided dynamic shortcodes, you can easily add sliders on your website.

4. WP News and Scrolling Widget

With more than 20,000 active installs on and 360,000+ overall downloads, WP News and Scrolling Widget is one of our top and popular news and utility plugins. 

WP News and Scrolling Widgets helps you manage customisable news posts and sliders with easy shortcodes.

Download WP News and Scrolling Widget plugin here

Our plugin lets you display

  • Latest news feed/posts
  • News Lists with Ticker style
  • Recent News slider
  • Vertically scrolling news posts

Dynamic & easy-to-use WP news and Scrolling Widget with device optimised functionality and it works well with any WordPress themes.

WP News and Scrolling Widget are one of the ways to effectively increase the dynamics of the online webspace with news archives, scrolling news widgets, and thumbnails. Add, manage and remove the news section with beautiful designs and customizations on your WordPress website.

5. WP Slick Slider – Best Image Slider Plugin

Our WP Slick Slider with Image carousel is being used by more than 10,000 websites with a total download of nearly 300,000 plugin downloads of all time. 

WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel lets you build and display multiple responsive slick image sliders and carousels for your website in an engaging and attractive way. . 

Download WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel from here

With WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel plugin, you can display

  • Image sliders with infinite looping 
  • Responsive Image carousel
  • Multiple Image showcase

WP Slick Slider is fully responsive, swipe enabled, with desktop mouse dragging and Infinite looping. Our plugin is fully accessible with arrow key navigation autoplay, dots, arrows etc.

With many slider and carousel designs, WP Slick Slider helps you create highly customisable and device friendly slick image sliders.

It uses a custom post type and taxonomy to create an image slider with numerous custom options and support for multiple sliders on any page. You can also display an image slider on your website header.

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