WordPress is now used by 40% Websites

WordPress is now being used by 40% of the web. The most popular and exponentially increasing CMS further continues to increase in terms of usage and reliability and now is being used by 40% of the websites on the internet which is roughly 2 out of every 5 websites. 

With multiple alternatives to WordPress like Drupal, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, WordPress is still leading and is the top priority of many website beginners and businesses because of the huge WordPress community, WordPress related services and easy functioning. 

WordPress, isn’t just a site builder but a complete CMS (Content Management System) ecosystem with nearly 60,000 WordPress plugins ranging from sliders, SEO, security to all sorts of utility plugins and more than 8000 WordPress themes to choose from. 

There is also an increasing number of WordPress users and many organizations have made a living out of helping the users set up a functioning website or customize their existing website to user needs. These organizations also include WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting providers like Bluehost, Dreamhost, Kinsta & Automattic. 

Growing market share

From having 10 million website usage to having 40 million websites today, WordPress has exponentially increased its number as it controls 64.3% of the Content Marketing System (CMS) currently. 

The blog domain has the highest market share at 92.2% while the news domain has 87.1%. On the other hand, mil has the lowest wordpress usage. SOuth Africa has the highest number of WordPress usage followed by Iran, Israel, Spain. While China, South Korea and Russia have the lowest usage of WordPress. 


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Final Thoughts

This is definitely due to the COVID pandemic that there is a surge in the recent growth of WordPress usage new business and companies have started making their business websites and their presence online with WordPress. 

Nonetheless, WordPress has always been the top priority for making all sorts of websites be it blogging, ecommerce or business websites, WordPress makes it extremely easy and efficient for companies to make this.

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