About the Client Company

BestFitbybrazil is an eCommerce website that sells and deals with gym & fitness wear. Founded in 2014, they have been indulging in the allure of fashion that lies between the realms of athletic beauty & modern trends.

Client Needs & Requirements

The Client wanted to improve the search speed of their website’s search results. They also want to optimize the content loading time for a fast search & discovery experience of the website products.





Our Take on the Challenges

eCommerce websites usually face the challenge of delaying real-time search results. BestFitbybrazil being an eCommerce website with numerous images & content goes through a heavy time consumption when loading a search result making the website experience poor.

In the highly competitive eCommerce sector, relevancy needs to be a top priority. Up to 30% of visitors use internal site search and site searchers are 2-3x more likely to convert. 39% of purchasers are influenced by a relevant search. 12% of users will bounce to the competitor’s site after an unsatisfactory search. It became clear how important the issue was for BestFitbybrazil.

The WPOnlineSupport expert team understood the client’s requirements and challenges and came up with a solution that perfected not only the process but also other customization services. To overcome these challenges, we took the help of a third-party service

Algolia is a search service platform that enables you to deliver fast and relevant experiences that drive real results. With Algolia, consumers will be able to easily find & discover what they look for across the web.



Resolving the issues faced by BestFitbyBrazil helped us dive more into our custom services with us creating a custom plugin out in order to fulfil our client’s requirements. We transformed the Algolia code into a customised plugin making it much easier to update it in the future as only the plugin needs to be updated in order to experience the changes.

Our main task was to understand the API Integration of Algolia, its structure, and how they can be helpful in fulfilling our client’s requirements. Algolia’s setup, configuration, and API integration were a challenge for us as all the codes had to be planned and set up from the new end and needed to be compatible with other existing codes.

For this, we had to understand their API integration structure and how they can be of optimum help while solving the challenges of our client company. Since it is a third-party configuration, we had to make sure that the integration works accurately and efficiently.

After the Algolia API integration, we had to manually import more than 2k existing product data into the system as Algolia only maps the newly added products for quick search results.In addition to that, we had to customise the displayed products in a well-categorised way for a better viewing experience of the website.

Apart from that, we also provided our other customized solutions for our clients. Our WordPress team integrated Algolia ‘s structure into the client’s website with the integration of a custom plugin. We have created custom functionality for display products as well as categories and tags of products as per the needs of the website.

We also managed to customise their product single pages in which we changed the colour of attribute according to the image’s dominant colours in addition to the integration of size of the chart according to the client’s requirement.

On the shopping page, we integrated functionality to display matching images in the form of popup related to the desired product when a mouse is hovered over the product details. Product filters with column layout were added too and we converted default pages in accordance with the functionality. Necessary changes were also made to the checkout page.

End Results

After making all the desired changes and fulfilling all the requirements, here are the end results.



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Alberto Ravelli

Great WordPress knowledge, attention to detail and the fact of being friendly and fast to deliver, makes WP Online Support my most favourite agency for custom WordPress development. Thanks to their technical team, especially Rafik. I have been completing many complex tasks with PHP/JS scripts for months and the result is always 100% satisfying.

Brooklyn Design Studio

"Their ability to Develop Custom Solutions for us is Impressive."


Amazing Service

WP Online Support have been a great help to me to work out some of the kinks in my WordPress site. The team were super responsive and really quick to make the amends, and were also patient with me while I struggled. They are the best!


Impressive and top quality work

WordPress Team here is extremely professional and expedient. Their ability to work under tight deadlines was truly impressive and the work was top quality.


Excellent support!

I got a *WOW* on how quick they response to all of my emails and the speed of help fixing problems on my WP site! And they definitely deserve compliment! Well done WP online support team!