Payment Integration

About the Client Company

Our newly developed payment gateway plugin is for the WooCommerce websites who want to have a payment gateway once they add the desired products to their cart and initiate the checkout.

Client Needs & Requirements

The clients needed to incorporate the payment gateway for their eCommerce website along with some API integrations.





Our Take on the Challenges

With the provided client’s needs and requirements, we went through the code provided by the client for the work and as it was in PHP/Javascript, what we did was we developed a WordPress plugin out of the provided PHP codes.
Transforming the code was a challenge as it required our experts to modify certain codes according to WordPress functionality and changing the functionality so that it becomes completely compatible with the WordPress environment and the other WordPress plugins.
With the provided client’s needs and requirements, we went through the third party gateway and it turns out, they do not have any WooCommerce addon. We even contacted their customer support and all they could provide was the PHP codes for the functionality. What we did was that we developed our very own custom plugin using the provided code. Transforming the PHP code to the desired WordPress plugin with the desired functionality and features was definitely a challenge for us.



With the provided PHP codes, we developed a WooCommerce plugin with the required functionality and performs the function of a payment gateway for the clients.
In addition to that, we also added API Integrations to the website as per the client’s requirements.

End Results

After making all the desired changes and fulfilling all the requirements, here are the end results with the additional functionalities and changes.



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Alberto Ravelli

Great WordPress knowledge, attention to detail and the fact of being friendly and fast to deliver, makes WP Online Support my most favourite agency for custom WordPress development. Thanks to their technical team, especially Rafik. I have been completing many complex tasks with PHP/JS scripts for months and the result is always 100% satisfying.

Brooklyn Design Studio

"Their ability to Develop Custom Solutions for us is Impressive."


Amazing Service

WP Online Support have been a great help to me to work out some of the kinks in my WordPress site. The team were super responsive and really quick to make the amends, and were also patient with me while I struggled. They are the best!


Impressive and top quality work

WordPress Team here is extremely professional and expedient. Their ability to work under tight deadlines was truly impressive and the work was top quality.


Excellent support!

I got a *WOW* on how quick they response to all of my emails and the speed of help fixing problems on my WP site! And they definitely deserve compliment! Well done WP online support team!