WordPress Timeline Plugin: 5 Benefits of Installing

Wish to display your brand story?

The timeline plugin is essential for displaying the company or individual’s struggle to the success story. 

WordPress has a readymade history timeline plugin that helps display the brand history or process in a pre-defined format. 

So, how to use these plugins, and what are the benefits of installing them?

WordPress Timeline Plugins

WordPress timeline plugins are designed to help websites get a perfect timeline displayed about us or the company section. Mostly the timeline of the company is presented in a vertical format with each brick step and description. But yes, using the Timeline and History Slider plugin, your website can display the company roadmap or timeline in a horizontal format. 

Showcasing roadmaps is highly important, especially when you would like to educate your users or visitors about your company’s success story. For the same timeline the WordPress plugin is being used. 

Many WordPress plugin development companies have designed and developed stunning WordPress history timeline plugins. But, we will talk about the popular WP OnlineSupport timeline and history slider plugin and its advantages. 

5 Benefits of Installing WP Timeline Plugin

Well, creating a timeline is a bold step. You are showcasing your visitors or customers about the startup/business success or roadmap. Having it on your website will add more versatility and engagement. Let’s check out the top benefits.

1. 12+ Designs To Choose

With the WP timeline plugin, website owners get the option to choose from 12 stunning designs. Your startup roadmap can be showcased in both vertical and horizontal formats by adding your success pillars. Also, you get the slider option with navigation for delivering a better user experience. Additionally, there are also loop-enabled sliders. 

2. Quick To Set Up A History Timeline 

Many website owners are offended by the long process that consumes a lot of time and effort. With the WP timeline plugin, adding the WordPress history timeline plugin is quick and easy. 

So, how do you do it?

With the WP OnlineSupport plugin, you get a powerful shortcode builder. With its help, you can create or produce a live shortcode and preview it before pasting it on your company section or page. 

Additionally, setting the respective order of your timeline is also easy and flexible. With the drag and drop button, the website owner can easily shuffle or reorder the timeline posts. 

3. 100% Responsive And Touch-Based Slider

Most website owners are worried about plugin responsiveness because a website is operated from various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The WP timeline plugin is 100% responsive. Hence it automatically gets adjusted to various display screens without compromising the resolution. Above all, it delivers an excellent user experience being a touch-based slider. 

4. Compatible With Popular WordPress Themes &  Page Builders

Lastly, you will be checking whether the WP timeline WordPress plugin goes with your website theme or page builder! Yes, the plugin is compatible with the popular WordPress themes and page builders. Hence, you need not worry whether the plugin will run on your website page or not!

5. Company History With Description

Adding history isn’t enough? Yes, you can add a detailed description of each year or pillar that you have showcased in your timeline. With the WP timeline WordPress plugin, displaying your achievements becomes beautiful as you can justify it with a short description. 

You are not only allowing your customers to get an idea about your company timeline or story; in fact, you allow them to acknowledge your story by adding a meaningful description. 


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