7 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website Today!!!

Do you want to speed up your WordPress website? 

WP OnlineSupport have expertise in speed up your WordPress website . As we have the enough knowledge of GTMetrix and it’s recommendation in PageSpeed, Yslow and Waterfall Chart.


Fast Loading Pages Benefits:-

  1. Improve user experience.
  2. Increase your pageviews.
  3. Help with your WordPress SEO.

Website loading speed is a priority for the overall user experience, and it’s also one of the hundreds of SEO ranking factors. Truth is, nowadays people don’t have the patience to wait more than five seconds for a page to load. If your website isn’t loading fast enough, you’ll lose potential customers.

Loadstorm has merged a few findings indicating that a single second increase in page load times leads to a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

By dropping the load speed from 100 milliseconds to 600 milliseconds, there was a decrease in the number of searches by 0.2% to 0.6%, results averaged over four to six weeks.

There are different steps for site optimization:-

  1. Analysis of your website:-
  • Please, enter your website link at gtmetrix and do further analysis in the website.

 2. Recommendation by GTmetrix in PageSpeed 

    • Leverage browser caching should be enable
    • GZip compression should be enable
    • Images should be comparaized or not.
    • Images load time should be verified
    • JavaScript files are minified or not.
    • CSS files are minified or not.
  • HTML files are minified or not.

3Recommendation by GTmetrix in Yslow

  • Add Expires headers or not.
  • Content Delivery Network is available or not
  • Reduce DNS lookups : The components and contant are split over more than 4 domains.

4. Recommendation by GTmetrix in Waterfall

  • Check the server response time.
  • Check the time to load images.
  • Check the size of your image.

5. How many plugins are loaded in your website.

  • Remove unnecessary and unused plugin from the website.

No one likes waiting around for a site to load, so much so that 40 per cent of people abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load.

6. GZip compression modules are enable in your hosting systems or not.

7 Browser side caching as well as server side caching

  • W3TotalCache is the best tool recommended for browser side caching and server side caching.
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