WordPress Login Plugin

WP Login Customizer is a quick and easy way to control your WordPress login screen. The process is made simpler than ever and you don’t have to worry about the complexity of WordPress anymore.

WordPress can manage your data in a seamless way and that is the reason, more and more webmasters are choosing WP integration on their simple to complex websites or portals of any kind. WP OnlineSupport excels in making customized WordPress themes and WordPress Plugins and WP Login Customizer is one such plugin to make your website easily accessible to upload posts, pictures, and much more.

Lovely features

WP Login Customizer comes with loaded superb features. Here are a few to mention:

User friendliness: not just this plugin, for this sake, any of product from WP OnlineSupport comes with great user-friendliness so that the users love and keep using the plugins. Especially for this very tool, user-friendly plugin settings are designed after intense research.

Fully responsive: the user experience is kept intact when the design is fully responsive. In other words, this plugin will get you the same look-and-feel across all the devices of different sizes of screens. Such features make the product even more friendlier.

Customization: to customize the plugin further, you can replace the WordPress logo with your own logo and even can place a link. Having done this, the stakeholders will feel that the plugin is developed by your own developers. This gives the feel of ownership.

Custom background: you can get rid of boring background that looks down and dead. Simply replace the monotonous background with dull color to vibrant and lively custom background. This little change can make a huge difference.

Custom CSS editor: if you still want to customize the plugin further, WP Online WordPress plugin development gives you a full control over the CSS through CSS editor. Enjoy it the way you want.

Vivid designs: the feature is coming soon as our research and development department is coming up with mind blowing predefined designs.

Recaptcha integration: your safety and security are of paramount importance. WP OnlineSupport is coming up with recaptcha integration so that you don’t need to worry about any unauthorized bot logins.

Frontend login form shortcode: for better accessibility and ease of use, WordPress login customization plugin comes with short codes that give power to the developers for editing code or any amendment.

You can download a feature-rich customized WordPress login plugin for your website. If you have more than one website, you get a great discount at very low prices.

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