What is Pagination in WordPress?

You must have come across the word pagination before and a question might have arised in you mind, What is Pagination in WordPress?

To answer this question, WordPress Pagination is nothing but a feature which lets users to properly arrange and locate your WordPress pages properly and easily. Your website doesn’t need to have all the information on a single page itself. It becomes necessary to properly navigate through the web pages.  

It is one of the most common and a must need feature for WordPress blogs. Being an important feature for wordpress websites, it has been integrated as a core feature in the WordPress system. Pagination is a professional and effective way to stop loading all the old posts simultaneously increasing the loading speed and unnecessary loading power and it will take a lot of time to render. 

Pagination saves you from loading the previous posts. When all the posts are being loaded on a website with no pagination, it will infuriate the readers and viewers

It will also majorly affect the search engine optimization of the website. Most of the major wordpress themes have pagination already integrated in them but if they don’t, you can easily add custom pagination plugins or features to your website with just a few clicks and lines of codes.

Pagination is the way to segregate and divide documents into different pages creating a new link for each page thereby improving the SEO of the website. When pagination restricts loading the previous websites, thereby increasing the overall speed of the website as Google always prefers fast loading websites.

WordPress Post Pagination

WordPress already has pagination integrated into it so you don’t have to look for it in a plugin. For that you have to open the WordPress admin panel where you can find Settings > Reading. You can set up formatting options for your posts/ at a very basic level. You can either set up your latest post or static page  and a post page by the front page displays option but pagination will be required for it that lists out your posts. 

Once pagination is added to your website, the number of posts which exceeds the page will be shown with subsequent number of pages. You would want to leave these both options at their default but if you edit the number of pages, you can do it using the wordpress admin panel. 

Pagination in WordPress Blogs

WordPress blogs have been using page navigation since the beginning and it is very popular among blogging websites where it becomes necessary to have a better option to glide between the given content. You can be given numerous options to either add them to your individual posts or use them to rearrange and categorize blog pages in a proper and desired way.

Blog pagination is the most beneficial feature for blogging websites benefiting the users as well as the generators as it will drastically improve your search engine page ranking due to the increase in the number of links that points to your website.

Readers and viewers can find it very simple and effective to use page navigation as that can be directed to a new web page with just one click. If your readers want to skim over the type of content you post on your blogging website, page navigation is the best possible way to do that, if the readers couldn’t find a proper page navigation on your blog, they will become impatient and have a high potential to leave your website creating a negative impression of your website or your business. 

Styles from WP Pagenavi Addon – WordPress Pagination Plugin

After setting up the page navigation, you must be wanting to make the page navigation more fancier and style your page navigation exactly the way you want, we have just the right wordpress plugin for you, Our styles from WP Pagenavi addon can help you choose from wide variety of design options and styles. 

When you are customising your blog website according to your brand or theme, you would also want the page navigation section to fit in with the theme, right?

That is how we come into the picture, we provide you with the best plugin which can help you make changes to the page navigation just the way you want. This plugin can be used to add more styling options to your WP Pagenavi WordPress Plugin. 

How to add Pagination in WordPress?

To use this addon, you must have the WP Pagenavi WordPress Plugin installed, this will add features and styles to your plugin once you install the styles for WP Pagenavi Addon to your website. 

Alternative option

If you are not using WP Pagenavi plugin then use the function

<?php the_posts_pagination(); ?>

This is the WordPress navigation function and it will help your page navigation have a better design.

Final Thoughts

With pagination integrated into your website, your content can be accessed properly without any hassle and difficulty and with our plugin and your readers can easily glide through your content without having to face loading issues and coming across all the previous content at the same time.