WordPress Slider Plugins & Its Importance For Your Website?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) where you can create beautiful websites and blogs. To build a website on WordPress you need to have basic information regarding its functioning, performance and lots of plugins knowledge.

Plugins can be of various types depending on the purpose it is meant to serve. Some enhance the performance of the site, some are to beautify the overall looks of it, while some Utility Plugins are to make your website experience better.

Plugins enhance the features of WordPress or add entirely new features to your website. One such plugin is the post slider plugin and it has been used widely across almost every WordPress website/ blog.

So What Exactly Is A Post Slider Plugin?

The Post Slider/Carousel Plugin is used for a slideshow of your other posts/blogs that you have added to your website. Sliders can be used on all kinds of websites which showcase written content on its website however they’re most commonly used on blogging webs.

With a Post Slider you can show a part of your post in your slider like the title, the featured image, a short description and a button which navigates you directly to the post. With a slider you can grab your visitor’s attention and you can collect your posts into one place as well. It’s up to you what you want to show: the latest post, a post in a certain category. For any serious blogger, it’s highly recommended to use a Post Slider to enrich their blog.

We made a post slider plugin WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel with all of the necessary features which is required to make the best appealing post slider for your website.

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel allows you to display your blog posts in a very beautiful slider that will be appealing to your website visitor. This slider not only displays your blog posts in a nice slider but also in a responsive way. So your blog post displays perfectly.

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider

With 30,000+ active installations and nearly 4,00,000 overall downloads, WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel is an easy to use, highly customisable post slider WordPress plugin for creating simple image sliders which look great on any site. For easy navigation you can create a thumbnail slider, and besides that, you can create even a WordPress carousel. If you have pages or posts, and you would like to highlight them in a slider, this plugin is the best choice for you.

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel displays your recent WordPress posts using Posts Slider, Posts Carousel, GridBox Slider with 50+ designs. This plugin also supports any custom post type as well.

Benefits of using our WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel plugin on your website:

You might have come across a lot of slider plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. Then why should you choose WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel? What’s so different about our plugin and why should you choose this plugin?

With WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel you can set up your layout with 50+ designs to choose from, you can create a full width slider, it is fully responsive, and has more features than some advanced post slider plugins.

1. WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel is one of the best ways to display post slider and carousel because you can use following layouts:

Slider View gives you 25 designs. Also an option to enable thumbnails navigation in the right side to the slider.

Carousel View (30 designs)

GridBox Slider (8 designs)

Custom post type options give you advantage to work this plugin with any custom post type. You have access to all content of your post: the featured image, the actual content, the URL, the post title, the categories, the tags, and you can create any layers to show them.

Category wise post display.

Gutenberg block and WP bakery page builder support.

Templating features allow you to override any plugin design in your theme as per your need in your theme.

Widgets with 3 types of designs (Post slider and list)

2. You can catch the visitors’ attention. Use it as a homepage slider, put a call to action button on it, and navigate to your post.

3. The content can dynamically change. You create it once, and if you create a new post, your slider will refresh automatically.

4. You can highlight certain content. You can show your latest post in a recognizable place and in a way which can attract a lot of visitor’s attention and thereby increase the views on the post.

Of course, you can create an unlimited number of dynamic sliders, carousel and gridbox sliders.

Final Thoughts

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider is one of our best crafted WordPress plugin which can help you place sliders for recent blog posts or articles for your website in a most engaging way. You can also optin for its premium version with amazing

With all these features for free and more premium features, we have bundled the premium version of WP Responsive Recent Post Slider and 50+ other premium utility plugins, expert marketing and security tools in our Essential Plugin Bundle which can be very beneficial for your every website requirements.