Combination of Gravity Form and LearnDash to streamline your eLearning sites

Combination of Gravity Form and LearnDash to streamline your eLearning sites

In the ever-evolving landscape of eLearning, creating a seamless and efficient experience for learners is necessary. When it comes to managing online courses and interactions with students, two powerful tools have emerged as favorites among educators and website administrators: Gravity Forms and LearnDash.

In this blog, we will explore how the combination of Gravity Forms and LearnDash can transform your eLearning sites, by simplifying the course creation process, enhancing student engagement, and streamlining administrative tasks.

Simplified Course Creation & Collecting Student data with Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms, a popular form builder plugin for WordPress, is a game-changer for course creators. By integrating Gravity Forms with LearnDash, you can easily design and customize course registration forms.

This seamless integration allows you to collect student information efficiently and automate the enrollment process, saving you time and effort. With Gravity Forms’ intuitive drag-and-drop interface, building course registration forms becomes a breeze.

You can tailor the forms to include essential fields like name, email, and relevant course preferences. Moreover, Gravity Forms’ conditional logic feature enables you to show or hide specific form fields based on students’ responses, providing a personalized experience.

Enhanced Interaction with Interactive Quizzes and Surveys

Assessing student learning and providing feedback is vital in eLearning. Gravity Forms’ versatility extends to creating interactive quizzes and surveys that integrate seamlessly with LearnDash courses.

By taking quizzes at strategic points in the course curriculum, you can reinforce key concepts and gauge learners’ progress effectively. Gravity Forms’ advanced features, such as scoring, time limits, and question branching, allow you to craft engaging quizzes that cater to various learning styles.

Additionally, surveys help gather valuable feedback from students, enabling course improvements based on their preferences and needs.
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Streamlined Course Sales and Payments

One of the most significant advantages of combining Gravity Forms and LearnDash is the streamlined course sales and payment process. With Gravity Forms’ payment add-ons, such as PayPal, Stripe, or WooCommerce, you can create secure and user-friendly checkout forms for your courses.

Students can effortlessly register for courses and make payments within the same form, reducing the need for multiple steps and reducing friction during the enrollment process. This seamless checkout experience can significantly increase course conversions and boost revenue for your eLearning site.

Efficient Student Communication through Contact Forms

Engaging with potential students and providing excellent customer support is crucial in eLearning. Gravity Forms’ contact forms can help in facilitating effective communication channels on your website.

Integrating contact forms with LearnDash allows potential learners to reach out to you with queries or concerns, fostering a positive and responsive learning environment.

You can customize contact forms to include fields for specific inquiries, or provide dropdown menus to categorize the nature of the questions. Quick and efficient responses through these contact forms can lead to higher student satisfaction and increased enrollment rates.

Unleash Custom Functionality for LearnDash Courses

The combination of Gravity Forms and LearnDash offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to add custom functionality to your eLearning site with ease. By leveraging Gravity Forms’ capabilities, you can extend LearnDash’s standard features and create tailor-made solutions that cater to your unique course requirements.

Whether it’s creating interactive assessments, building user-generated content forms, or setting up advanced reporting mechanisms, Gravity Forms empowers you to take your LearnDash courses to the next level of customization and interactivity.


As eLearning continues to gain momentum, providing an exceptional learning experience becomes a top priority for course creators and website administrators. By combining the power of Gravity Forms and LearnDash, you can streamline your eLearning sites, simplify course creation, enhance student engagement, and streamline administrative tasks.

With Gravity Forms’ intuitive form-building capabilities and LearnDash’s robust LMS features, educators can create personalized, interactive, and seamless learning experiences for their students. Embrace this perfect combination, and unlock the full potential of your eLearning site today.

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