What’s New Features in WordPress 6.0?

What’s New Features in WordPress 6.0?

WordPress releases its second major update (WordPress 6.0) of 2022.

With a bunch of new updates, you’ll get a full new experience of your site editing, a new and updated way to build websites.

Users who upgrade to WordPress 6.0 can expect changes. Improvements are mostly to how they interact with creating pages on their websites.

With new functionality including:

  • Now able to select text across blocks, and edit them at once.
  • New keyboard shortcuts like: [[which will open the link menu.
  • New design tools like new color panels, border controls, and more.
  • Users can now lock a block, to help prevent accidental movement or removal of a block, once it is locked.
  • Blocks will retain styles when changing block type.
  • Block themes can now include multiple style variations, making it easy to change multiple settings like color, font, and other options on the fly.
  • Five new template options for author, date, categories, tag, and taxonomy.
  • Increased visibility of patterns menu.
  • Improve the handling of multiple data taxonomies
  • Add new additions to the WordPress caching API

Wrapping Up

We hope this post was useful to get a full insight into what you’re getting in WordPress 6.0. Though there are still many features are in the beta version but hoping that all functionalities will be onboard very soon. Explore your WordPress world with the WordPress 6.0 updates.

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