What are the Most Common WooCommerce Issues While Setting Up Your Online Store?

What are the Most Common WooCommerce Issues While Setting Up Your Online Store?

Do you know that the WooCommerce plugin has over 123 million downloads to date?

With WooCommerce, WordPress offers the most functional online store for retailers and wholesalers. With a market distribution of 9% worldwide and growing, it brings us the most expandible features.  

Another exciting fact about  WooCommerce is that it has captured 27.86% of the total eCommerce market on the web. The increasing users bring up the enhancing experience and reviews about the growing eCommerce portal. Likewise, we also hear about some common errors or issues that the store owners face. 

What are the Most Common WooCommerce issues?

Technology is flawless if you know how to operate it. But unless you are stuck in any error or issue, you find it challenging. WooCommerce is an amazing eCommerce platform for setting up your online store, but you often may encounter some unknown errors or conflicts while managing it. These issues need to be resolved to save your time and sales numbers. 

Let’s discuss the most common WooCommerce Issues and Errors. 

1. Store Speed Issues

Is your WooCommerce store slow? Does it take time to load all the products available on your website? Well, a few reasons can lead to the store speed issues; let’s have a quick check on it.

  • Using a slow hosting provider
  • Database overload issues 
  • Not using a CDN
  • Not having a caching plugin on the site
  • Poorly optimized image sizes

2. Double Add to Cart Issues

While surfing your online store, the customers add a single product to the cart, but it shows double at the time of checkout. In many cases, the issue is not with a single product. Adding two products results in 4 products in the cart.  It is one of the most common add-to-cart issues faced by the WooCommerce store owners. 

To help your customers experience ease-free shopping, it is essential to solving the ‘add-to-cart twice’ issues by consulting a WooCommerce expert

3. Payment Checkout Issues

The customers face checkout issues at the time of payment. It is one of the most common WooCommerce issues and is encountered because of the following reasons.

  • Poor payment gateway setup
  • SSL or TLS certificate configuration issues

The most common payment checkout issues faced by the customers are:

  • The checkout page is not available 
  • The review order page is taking too much time to load
  • Payment options not working
  • Authentication errors at the time of payment
  • Stuck placed order button

4. WooCommerce Image Size Compatibility Issues

An eCommerce store needs to display high-quality product images to engage the customers. Product images, catalogs, and carousels are quite popular ways to increase your eCommerce sales. 

Image size compatibility is essential for any eCommerce store because it helps the customer feel for the product before the purchase. Indeed, it helps in enhancing the purchasing decision of the customer. 

The most common WooCommerce image size compatibility issues are:

  • Blurry images
  • Superior images with large file sizes 
  • Image size issues
  • Thumbnail image size issues

5. Cache Issues

Cache helps in storing the data that is generated or presented quickly. In short, it helps in improving your website speed. Using the cache, the loading time of the website is increased. 

The caching page of your WooCommerce store must be set up correctly to help the customers to experience faster website loading. Eliminating the login pages from the cache also results in reset password errors, for which the customers are unable to reset their login password. 

Many site owners download the WordPress caching plugins to resolve the issue. But still, recommend taking an expert’s help as caching is an essential aspect of your WooCommerce site. 

6. PHP Fatal Errors

Do you know that WordPress is based on PHP?

WordPress is the upgraded version of PHP. When your current WooCommerce store is not having an updated PHP cPanel, it may result in fatal PHP errors. In short, when the PHP discontinues scripting in your existing store, it results in the WooCommerce PHP fatal errors. 

It would help if you fixed the errors to help your store experience ease in running smoothly. For the same, connecting with the WooCommerce experts will help you resolve the issue. 

7. Security issues

Security is highly crucial for helping your WooCommerce store to operate without any errors. Many types of WooCommerce security bugs occur while running your store on the web. 

During the operational course, your WooCommerce website may experience block intrusion attempts, SSL certificate errors, local data backup errors, weak password errors, idle plugin errors, etc. For the same, you need to consult a WooCommerce expert and update your store’s security for ensuring maximum customer safety. 

Let’s Fix It!!

For all the WooCommerce issues and bugs mentioned above, you must consult a WooCommerce expert at WP OnlineSupport. Our WordPress experts are here to help you set up your WooCommerce store from scratch. Also, all your WooCommerce issues are set to a solution, including the WooCommerce update issues, security issues, WooCommerce database issues, menu and product issues, etc. 

Remember resolving these issues are highly important as it may lead to the failure of your WooCommerce store shortly, resulting in poor sales and leads.

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